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CloneApp does not restore the Apps on the remote machine. Why?

You have made a full Backup on your local machine? Good!
Then you have to pay attention to three things, when restoring the Apps data on the remote machine.

1. You must move the complete ClonApp Installation folder (including the Data folder) and of course the Backup folder of CloneApp to the second machine, where you want to restore the Apps.
2. If you made the Backup on your local machine with the User "Admin" and want to restore these on the Remote machine with the User "Jonny", then you will have to tell CloneApp that the Backup is going to be restored on another Windows Account with another User.

Therefore, please open the cloneapp2.ini and change the User on line ClonePath.

3. Make sure to run the Restore process always with Administrator rights. Make a Right-click on the CloneApp.exe and select "Run as Administrator".



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