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CloneApp has built in addition to its backup function another useful feature.

It allows you also to reset application settings and configurations. This feature has been added with Version 2.07 of CloneApp.

You can reset an application and force it to reprocess its data from scratch by using the CloneApp's reset function. This can be useful when fixing bugs (program won't start) and to exclude possible error sources of a faulty configuration. But also for development and testig.

Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Right-click on the Apps window > Reset. A note pops up indicating that the Reset mode is on.
  2. Right-click the app which configuration data you want to reset to factory defaults.
  3. Select the context-menu Delete. Another security prompt appears, whether you want to delete the apps configuration.
  4. CloneApp will now delete all files, folders and registry keys which are registered in the Plug-in file. It's a simple reversal of the actual function of CloneApp to Backup application data. In this case CloneApp does not backup the stored files and registry keys, but deletes them.

Please note that by doing this, you are erasing all your application's data. It will be reset to its original state allowing you to start working on a fresh clean app.


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