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CloneApp - Localizations

folder_blue.png CloneApp - Localizations
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Here you will find language files for the CloneApp UI. These files were contributed by CloneApp Users.

Please note that ONLY the international English and German UI is supported.

Last Update: 03.05.2018
Version: Latest
Downloads: 163
Size: 1.38 KB

This is the latest English Localization file Sample on which the CloneApp UI is based.

Last Update: 28.04.2018
Version: 2.00.134
Downloads: 92
Size: 1.56 KB
Last Update: 28.04.2018
Version: Latest
Downloads: 115
Size: 2.53 KB
Last Update: 28.04.2018
Version: 2.01.155
Downloads: 75
Size: 1.58 KB
Last Update: 18.05.2018
Version: 2.02.177
Downloads: 11
Size: 1.8 KB
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