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05 November 2018, 17:23

I found in the web.archive several Plug-in files from the old Mirinsoft sites.
There is also a snapshot from the old CloneApp community forum.


Downloads - CloneApp - Plug-ins
Mirinsoft | Home of CloneApp | | Xleaner
CloneApp: Category Index
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05 November 2018, 09:08

Hi cloneapp very use full & different  app . there in 250  famous apps but this list very short in app world  . one button  as pic installed software automatically  better in custom and select  installed   . thanks

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04 November 2018, 00:28

Cool AppWink Thanks.

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04 November 2018, 00:18

I love CloneApp. Thank you so much for developing.

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26 October 2018, 19:59

Trying to restore an earlier backup, but cloneapp fails to find the restoration file and errors out. Any clues??

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19 October 2018, 23:56

Hi Hiro,
You are terrific!! Smiling  Thanks so much for going to the effort of pre-testing your advice to me, and also for creating the special ".bat" app and then posting it to Google Drive.  I can't thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

It is getting late here on the US east coast, but I will be sure to try your solution sometime this weekend and then get back to you on how all went with the backup/restore from external drive.

Many thanks, again!

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18 October 2018, 16:40

Hi. thanx for your good app.(Clone app)
I want to tell If using it was easier it become one of best backup tools or maybe best of them all. I didn't see another app that can do this things.
I have a problem whit clone app:
after reinstalling Windows when I want to restore apps setting it doesn't work correctly. Is there any point or I Use it in wrong way. I dont know.may I ask you to put a brief guide for unpro user like me?
Best regards

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18 October 2018, 19:06

Hello Ham,
here is full documentation:

18 October 2018, 08:42

Hi Hiro,
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.  I like your idea about booting into Windows PE, and then assigning old hard drive to "C" and using CloneApp to backup.  Question is: will I be able to get CloneApp to run within the Windows PE environment, and how?  I don't have any experience running ".exe" applications in a Windows PE/Recovery environment- I typically just use the tools available to me to back-up or restore files or partitions.  Paragon HD Manager has a Windows PE environment disc/zip drive, but again I've never tried running an executable program in such an environment.  I feel like I am getting close to a solution- just need a bit more help from more knowledgeable, such as you.  Also, since my old Windows 7 hard drive/partition (where I will be copying the user and program settings from to later restore to the new WIndows 7 hard drive/partition) was "unbootable" in the end (which is why I preformed the restore from the July 2018 backup), are there certain Windows settings or variables I want to be sure NOT to backup and restore to my new Windows partition, so as to not make the new partition also "unbootable" post CloneApp restore?  Thanks again for all of your help and advice. Smiling -Cfguy

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18 October 2018, 21:19

So I just realized "setx" is not available in WinPE so you can't change enviroment variables from X to C. I thought you could load up cmd in new system and run batch script to change variables for current session of cmd and then run CloneApp.exe from the same cmd which would load correct variables to external drive.

It seems CloneApp successfuly ignores global variables but new variables also don't work for some reason.

So if you really can't do it manually your best bet is to create new enviroment variables to external drive and then batch replace old vars to new vars in all plug-ins....

...So that's what I did basically, full solution is available here:

0) Assign drive X to the external drive !
1) Rename your plug-ins folder to something else (plug-ins.old or whatever)
2) Unpack the zip into the root folder of CloneApp
3) Run EnvToX.bat (I've set it as user variables which should be enough, if not add "/M" at the end of each line and run the batch as administrator
4) Backup (all the plug-ins I've provided are modified to point to the new variables (on X drive)
5) ???
6) Profit

Then rename back plug-ins and restore as usual.
I think this should work? :)
- Hiro

18 October 2018, 13:44

have you tried running windows repair on the old system? Maybe you don't need to restore backup in the first place :) Usually when system is unbootable it can be fixed (unless you used Full Disk Encryption, then it's way harder)

CloneApp is standalone/portable, you can simply copy the whole folder on a flashdrive (either the one with WinPE (After creating it) or secondary one) and run the .exe. Now it really depends on the WinPE. Some embedded apps running in WinPE have solely the one app. A lot of them offer also CMD so you could use it to navigate to the flashdrive and run cloneapp.exe. You could also create your own WinPE or use one readily available that is "full-system-like", meaning it's just lightweight OS that can run all apps (depending on libraries and other stuff, if it's included or not) e.g.
You would simply navigate to flashdrive in windows explorer and run the app. And because you are running live system, which is stored on drive Boot X: (don't know if this is a rule in WinPE) the C letter could be assigned to the external drive and then the internal.

However you should ask yourself, not only how many apps you have installed on the old system, but how many are actually customized to an extend that it's more efficient to backup & restore. A lot of apps you could simply install, start and configure again in mere seconds. When you identify apps that you have actually customized so much that it would be hard to recreate the configuration, for me that would be Firefox profile (tons of configured addons, bookmarks etc), DropIt, Bvckup2, Resillio Sync, Onetastic Macros that I've created, OneNote tags and UI that I have heavily customized , AIMP and other apps where configurations are not important but personal data stores are, like instant messengers (if you don't know any of these apps you should check them out :) ), then you could look into the Plug-ins folder and *.plg files (or in app) for the file/folder paths and backup and then restore manually. It might be way more faster than bothering with forcing cloneapp to run on different drive. I personally still backup manually untill I customize CloneApp to my liking fully (see my previous posts with suggestions, my groups solution etc). Also be sure it actually has "plug-ins" for all the apps that you care about, if not you have to find the correct files and backup them manually or create plug-in file.
Good luck :)

17 October 2018, 19:20

I've tried and it delivers what it promises, btw. it looks very very nice, beautiful UI.

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17 October 2018, 18:47

I had an idea.  Since "CloneApp works with the Environment Variables of Windows", could I temporarily change the windows environmental variables to an external hard drive (such as "%USERPROFILE% = Y:\Users\{username}" (instead of the default "C:\Users\{username}" in order to use CloneApp to copy user and program data from that external drive "Y", and then, once finished with this process, change the windows  variables back to their default location (e.g.: "%USERPROFILE% = C:\Users\{username}" once again, and then be able to use the CloneApp backup that I just made (of the user and program settings from my external "Y" drive) and restore them to my cloned windows partition (on the same computer where the "Y" drive was once the "C" drive) and then end up with my user & programs settings from "Y" drive now being on my "C" drive?  Would this be a legitimate workaround for the problemed scenario that I described in my previous post here on the forum?  Also, when restoring the user and program settings from the backup I made (from the "Y" drive (having temporarily changed the windows environmental settings) would I need to change any additional settings in CloneApp for the restore (to the new "C" Windows partition) to work?  Thanks again. -Cfguy

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17 October 2018, 23:47

Good thinking! I assume it could break some things tho if even possible. I think the safest way would be to boot the system on the external drive (select manually boot drive on boot up) and do backup. Then boot the new system and restore. Other option would be to boot WTG/WinPE and assign drive letter C to external hdd. Do backup and then assign drive letter C to internal (new system) HDD and restore (or just boot normally and restore as main problem is backing up)

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