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17 February 2019, 09:44

Ist es beabsichtigt, dass beim Löschen der "Windows Downlads" auch der gesamte Ordner gelöscht wird. Dies ist nach meiner Meinung ein Fehler, da nur der Inhalt des Ordners gelöscht werden sollte!

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Belim (Admin)
17 February 2019, 15:57


danke für die Info. Dies sollte in der Tat so nicht sein. Im Script fehlt noch der entscheidende Zusatz "\*.*", welcher nur die Dateien löscht und nicht den Ordner selbst. Mit der nächsten Build werde ich das Script und auch die Funktionen dahinter noch etwas optimieren und auch den Warn-Hinweis bei "sensiblen" Ordnern wie dem Download-Verzeichnis etwas hervorheben (aufpoppen einer MessageBox o.ä.).

Danke und Gruß

Lucas North
16 February 2019, 09:45

Just installed the latest build but I was wondering if you could let me know which item is actually clearing my quick access additional folders please?
Many thanks for a really great program.

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Belim (Admin)
16 February 2019, 14:48

Hi Lucas,

I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
Just uncheck the "Recent Documents" option if you mean this Windows feature

You can now launch File Explorer to check if Quick Access’s history is untouched.


14 February 2019, 10:08

wo ist denn dein Impressum?

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Belim (Admin)
14 February 2019, 13:11


das Impressum befindet sich in der Fußnote der Website > About
Zuvor war der Link auch unter "Terms" zu erreichen.


14 February 2019, 01:03

Ran the new MS Cumlative Update today. Successfully updated to Build 17763.316. Than I ran Cleanmgr + V0.8. It stated that I had 2GB of space used due updated files. It ran successfully.??? I than ran Storage Sense and it showed I had 2GB of data used for updating purposes. I thought Cleanmgr+ would cleanup the update files and Storage Sense would show 0GB update file size. Bye the way, the same action took place on 4 machines all running W10 Pro upgrading to Build 17763.316.

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Belim (Admin)
14 February 2019, 08:15


i think the Windows Update files clean-up with Cleanmgr and/or Storage sense includes also the clean-up/compression of Windows Component Store (WinSxS folder). I will add this feature in the upcoming final of Cleanmgr+ as a separate option. Btw, did you run it as Administrator?

New Items
13 February 2019, 19:09


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers\*.*

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\AppCompatCache" AppCompatCache

RAC Logs:

WDI Diagnostics Logs:



C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Power Efficiency Diagnostics\*.*



Startup File Renaming Log:


Removes from the device tree non present 
- USB hubs
- USB mass storage devices 
- USB Disk devices
- USB CDROM devices
- USB Floppy devices
- USB Storage Volumes
- USB WPD devices (Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)

and their registry items under





HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\EMDMgmt




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10 February 2019, 15:55

A few days ago I saw a post about Cleanmgr+ 0.4.0 and I have been checking out the releases since.  I have seen improvements.  Thank you, Belim!

There is one BIG missing feature/aspect to me compared to Microsoft Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) and that is the lack of an estimate of the storage space that each item (that could be cleaned) is using and, therefore, the storage space that would be freed up if an item was selected and cleaned.

When I use Microsoft Disk Cleanup, I look at #1 how much storage space each item is using and #2 what each item is to decide on which items I am going to select and have cleaned.  See the example picture below.

With Cleanmgr+ currently, I have no idea how much storage space each item is currently using and which ones I really want to focus on.  I need and want that information to decide which items I want to clean, or at least which ones are more important to me.

Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) example
Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr) example showing the storage space being used by the available options to select.
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Belim (Admin)
10 February 2019, 20:01


many thanks for your comment. I'm working on several improvements and features. This one is also on my to-do list. I can not say yet, if I manage to build the function already in the final version. Just look at the upcoming versions :)

Regards form Germany

09 February 2019, 23:13

Cleating out prefetch data does not speed up anything. I cannot have any faith in a program that thinks that it does. the prefetch contents get cleaned automatically by the OS anyway. Only *one* thing can speed up the use of prefetch data.

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Belim (Admin)
10 February 2019, 19:57

Hello DrTeeth,

your are right. Any performance gains you may see will be minor (if you see any at all). I will update the Description text. It is still not final :)


08 February 2019, 16:54

Just found your program and might donate.  I realize how much work this is and was curious about a few things that I can't find.   How would I add a program say Photoshop Elements?   How can one search in the forums?  I clicked on both search icons but never got to the input spot for item to search for? Thanks for this great program.

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Belim (Admin)
10 February 2019, 19:54


i really appreciate your comment and support. Many thanks! The website search does not trawl the Community. I will add soon a separate search option for this. For creating custom Plug-ins, please take a look into the documentation (Chapter 3).

Kind regards from Germany

08 February 2019, 08:42

i dont see anywhere posted and i just cant open the cloneapp  uwp. it does not have an exe file. so how do i open it?

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Belim (Admin)
10 February 2019, 19:49

Hi radu,

please use the following link to get the latest Version.


06 February 2019, 19:13

well  why not supporting with Cleanmgr+ Reactos too, could it be possible ?
make it as GPL2 and it could be possible..

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11 February 2019, 20:52

Thank you Belim! I took your version and it works :)

Belim (Admin)
10 February 2019, 19:47

Hi Blackcrack,

currently I do not plan to open source Cleanmgr+
But who knows what will happen in the future.

Kind regards,

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