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02 December 2019, 16:18

So I posted the following as a reply to mferguson but in case that's getting lost in old-thread...
Just like him, I can't get CloneApp to work moving from one PC to another. 
The program gives an error, then asks to re-select the ini file, then repeats the error and deletes the ini file. 
 As posted below: 
- Backup goes fine. Backup folder on Desktop. Copy to new PC Desktop. (fine)
- Open CloneApp on Target (fine)
- Click Restore, get "Backup xxxxx has been found do you want to?". Click YES
- Error popup: "CloneApp - Plug-in could not be executed - Error while loading application".
- Click OK. Get "Restore process stopped - Restoration settings could not be loaded... do you want to select..."
- Click YES. Find .ini file inside Desktop Backup folder. Click OPEN.
- Error popup - same one again: "CloneApp - Plug-in could not be executed - Error while loading application".
- Except this time CloneApp has deleted the coneapp2.ini file. Its gone missing. Totally disappeared.

Would really like to see answer to this? Is this bug or procedure error on my side or data problem or Windows permissions problem? Program looks cool but seems totally broken to me?

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03 December 2019, 20:08

Well I tried again, following all instructions to the letter and it is exactly the same.

Messages are below. Do you think its related to compression? Should I try it without compression?

BTW the "file not found" is incredible annoying because it only happens after CloneApp.exe deletes the .ini file. The file is there, but the minute you try the Restore process, CloneApp deletes the file immediately, then right after that informs you that there is no file.

"====================== CloneApp - Restore process - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 =========================
2:51:05 PM Starting Decompression ...
2:51:05 PM Decompression: C:\foo\foo\place\for\a\binary\7z.exe
2:51:05 PM Decompression
2:51:05 PM Starting Restore process ...
2:51:05 PM Loading Restoration settings ...
2:51:05 PM Loading Restoration settings [from] C:\Users\exactlywhatusernameis\Desktop\CloneApp (Backup)-2019-12-03\
2:51:07 PM Restoration settings could not be loaded.
2:51:07 PM Restore process stopped."

03 December 2019, 17:50

Well dang I thought I did but I didn't read properly. "User procedure error!"
I read 'move the backup folder' not the whole CloneApp folder. I also mis-read the user-rename instructions which I saw in the normal documentation... I may also have that problem (I'll need to check what usernames are...) I'll go and try and do it properly now! Thanks Belim!

Belim (Admin)
02 December 2019, 17:21

Hi jaysee,

did you take a look in this FAQ entry


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