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07 December 2019, 12:37

In the Dec 2019 release (2.13.513), I seem to have a lost all of my plugins.

To be more precise, when I first opened it I could see ONLY the plugins I created ... not the standard ones ... It took a while to find out how to get to all the original plugins (this should have been documented). But now I can't hit the Home anymore which means I can't see any of the plugins I created. So I've got 3 questions:

1. Why doesn't clicking on the "Home" button do anything once I've clicked on any of the other menu items?
2. Is there any other way to get to my custom created plugins or do I need to import them from the backup?
3. Where are the plugins stored?
4. Where are MY plugins stored?

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Belim (Admin)
07 December 2019, 13:24

Hi Jeff,

the plug-ins handling is now more convenient and user-defined categories can be created.
The function to move all plug-in to the "My Apps" folder has been discontinued. This is also no longer necessary
Your created Plug-ins are not lost and can be imported easily. Just move your personal "Plug-ins" folder to the "\..\Plug-ins\" directory of CloneApp and switch the desired category in the application itself. Take a look at the screen


07 December 2019, 13:06

I can't successfully import plugins anymore either. It looks like they are imported into the root folder (not the root category). And there's no way to view what in that root folder.

01 December 2019, 15:12

Is there a way to only restore some of the applications that have been previously backed up? I don't see a way to do that. 

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Belim (Admin)
02 December 2019, 17:28

Hi Jeff,

you have to options here.
1. Perform the restore separately for each application by selecting App > Restore
2. Set the boolean status in cloneapp2.ini, section [Plug-ins], key "Status=0;" or "Status=1", where 0 means it is disabled for restoration. Of course this could be a bit tedious, since CloneApp stores in the newer versions every Plug-in setting in a boolean value and not after application name.

30 October 2019, 22:43

I'd like to post a couple of plugins but I was wondering if:
(1)  there is a way to exclude a particular subdirectory from being cloned. For example, I want to clone the subdirectory \abc\ but exclude \abc\xyz\*.*
(2) Put comments in so that I can explain why that subdirectory needs to be excluded.

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Belim (Admin)
02 December 2019, 17:30

Hi Jeff,

1. Currently not possible without using an external command, e.g. Robocopy
2. Use the semi-colon (;)


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