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    23 June 2019, 04:04

    Hi, I found this program this morning and was super excited.  Thought it could solve my problem with cloning my software.  I've tried it twice now. Remembering to run it in administration mode.  You can see the cloneapp2.ini file when its done, but the program acts like maybe it's been corrupted. The program asks if I want to select the file, and I say yes.  Then the program can not see it.  The program seems to be looking for the file in the data folder, and it looks like it ended in the backup folder.

    I really need some program like this to work.  My work depends on working software.  I need to move my software onto the new pc.  Any suggestions???
    Thanks, Peg

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    Belim (Admin)
    30 June 2019, 10:06

    Hello Peg,

    you mean, getting a message "that cloneapp2.ini could not been found" when trying to restore the backed up apps? Did you take a look in the FAQ

    Regards from Germany

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