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Cleanmgr+ v1.2.7.907

- Added initial support for Windows 10, version 2004 (H1, Insider Preview)

- Added support for new Microsoft Edge Browser with same codebase that Google Chrome is based upon (Additional script)

- Several minor code optimizations

- Reporting feedback redirects to GitHub [@]

- Optimized internal redirects to Mirinsoft website

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.6.866

- Minor optimization and fixes for Windows 10, version 1909

- Minor localization fixes


CloneApp v2.14.544

- Several optimization and fixes for Windows 10, version 1909


CloneApp v2.14.537

- Revised loading of individual categories (function added in v2.13.515)

- Optimized restore process in some case scenarios

- Fixed bug in saving to settings file cloneapp.ini

- Opened GitHub repository for CloneApp @

- Minor UI Improvements


CloneApp v2.13.513

- Added support for Windows 10, Version 1909

- Added function for creating individual categories and filtering apps

- Added function to search for apps with autocomplete feature

- Opened GitHub repository for CloneApp @

- Minor Bug fixes

- Minor UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.6.856

- Added support for Windows 10, Version 1909

- Added support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) RC

- Optimized update check function

- Improved internal linking (to - - the new parent company of Mirinsoft)

- Minor spelling improvements

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.5.825

- Optimized support for Windows 10, Version 1903

- Optimized Close events, i.e. Settings panel (Issue reported here)

- Optimized TooltipText property and display of Tooltips

- Minor Theme Improvements

- Minor UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.4.784

- Added initial localization support for UI (patchable to German through locale.ini More Information can be found on the GitHub site. The German localization file can be downloaded here)

- Minor Stability Improvements

- Several minor UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.3.750

- Added option to start Cleanmgr+ "always as administrator"

- Optimized cleanup with high permissions

- Several stability improvements

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.2.712

- Optimized cleanup of Temporary files

- Added new light theme (One+)


CloneApp v2.12.462

- Added support for Windows 10, Version 1903

- Optimized scrollbar behavior in Status- log window

- Fixed bug in "Save as new Plug-in" function (when performed all other plug-in states were reseted)

- Removed support for Avast and CCleaner (Off-topic: The ONLY Disk Cleanup utilities I recommend is onboard Windows Disk Clean-up aka cleanmgr.exe/Storage Sense in Windows 10, BleachBit and my own Improved version of cleanmgr.exe, called Cleanmgr+)


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.2.702

- Stability Improvements for Windows 10, 19H1 and 19H2 (Preview)

- Optimized Right-click detection in Windows and Script Cleaner window

- Optimized cleanup of Windows and User Temp directory

- Optimized Theme function

- Optimized Log Output

- Minor UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.1.671

- Stability Improvements for Windows 10, Version 1903

- Added Terminal theme


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.1.662

- Added Dark mode and a handful of newer themes

- Optimized theme function

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.0.632

- Revised command-line support

- Fixed some bugs in command-line support and added also new /cp switch to run a cleanup with custom and previously exported profiles)

- Fixed bug in cleanup of System Hibernation file

- Fixed minor UI bug in tab control


Cleanmgr+ v1.2.0.622

- Added support for BranchCache (BranchCache service is disabled by default on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Clients)

- Optimized Space to gain function in +more tab/Scripting engine (faster calculation which fixes also bug in recursive calculation)

- Added support for User File History (on Windows 8/8.1/10)

- Revised Theme function (tab color can also be changed)

- Added support for Google Chrome History (Script, shipped by default), Mozilla Firefox History (Script), Windows Shadow Copies (Script). Optional Script files can be found here

- Optimized support for Mozilla Firefox Cache (Script)

- Optimized log output

- Fitted UI of description field (thanks to community for the note)

- Updated Scripting engine to v0.6.4

- Numerous minor UI Improvements

- Numerous minor bug fixes

The German edition is only compatible with the latest German data set, which can be downloaded here.

Please DO NOT use the windata.ini from previous versions!


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.5.575

- Added support for Windows 10, Version 1903

- Optimized log output

- Revised context menus

- Revised internal linking

- Minor theme and GUI improvements

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.4.554

- Redesigned UI of top navigation panel inlcuding tabs and color themes

- Improved startup routine

- Fixed several UI bugs regarding active selector

- Minor Bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.3.533

- Fixed a critical conversion bug

- Several stability improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.3.523

- Added support for Mozilla Firefox based browsers like Waterfox

- Added support for Waterfox

- Updated support for Mozilla Firefox

- Updated Scripting engine to 0.6.3 (Added Echo command to optionally run a Preview in Windows command prompt. Added "BrowserID" section for Mozilla based browsers)

- Fixed critical bug in execution of custom "Task after cleanup" (optional Task has also been executed even if cleanup prompt was negated)

- Removed feature to "Show System Information" from Hamburger menu

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.3.500

- Introducing new feature to work with Cleanup Profiles and save Cleanup routines and app settings (Hamburger/Main menu > Import/Export Profile)

- Added option to run additional tasks (command-line/program/script) after cleanup

- Optimized log output

- Optimized cleanup of Thumbnaile Cache

- Fixed broken link to Projects website

- Fixed bug in configuration file cleanmgr+.ini (DateRun value was not written)

- Minor UI Improvements

- Minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.2.472

- Fixed bug in updating Status in Disk Cleanup data set (cleaned-up item has not been selected during cleanup)

- Fixed bug in logging cleanup of Windows Temp directory

- Fixed bug in Script detection routine

- Updated Scripting engine to 0.6.2 (Added "calc" command, to calculate optionaly the directory size in Preview Mode)

- Optimized support for Windows Event Viewer Logs

- Moved Info section from Settings window > Hamburger/Main menu > Info

- Minor UI Improvements

- Minor bug fixes

INFO: New Downloads category has been opened for providing additional community cleanup scripts. These can be found here


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.1.458

- Fixed critical bug in cleanup with elevated privileges (some areas, i.e. Thumbnail Cache, Recent documents and Prefetch files were not cleaned up with elevated rights, also if Cleanmgr+ has been runned as administrator. This bug was ONLY present in v1.1.1.451 of Cleanmgr+)


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.1.451

- Fixed a crash which could occur under some conditions when running cleanup of Windows Component Store with optional dism switch /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase (deep cleanup and NOT enabled by default)

Read more about this build in the blog post here

Cleanmgr+ v1.1.1.444

- Optimized startup routine

- Added function to detect running processes (i.e., Web Browser) and prompt user before cleanup

- Fixed bug in Preview of "System Hibernation file" (bug was ONLY in v1.1 and not in 1.0.4 present)

- Fixed bug in Preview of "System Archived Windows Error Reporting" (bug was ONLY in v1.1 and not in 1.0.4 present)

- Added Space to gain info next to the tab caption "+ more" (inlcuding an option to recalculate the space to gain manually by clicking on the "+" menu > Refresh used space)

- Added new option to "Run Auto Preview in +more" (Auto Preview in +more tab can be disabled)

- Optimized cleanup of "Recent Documents"

- Added initial support for Edge Chromium Beta and Canary builds

- Added support for Windows Event Viewer Logs (Script)

- Updated Scripting engine to 0.6.1 (Added "SHOWCLI" Parameter to "Exec" command, for optional showing a command-line interface/CLI during execution)

- Minor UI Improvements


CloneApp UA v0.8.0

- Fixed critical UI bug (.ICO file has not been showed correctly in Title- and taskbar)


Cleanmgr+ v1.1.0.400

- New tabbed User Interface and optimized color schemes

- Better compatibility with AV vendors

- Added option to "Restart Cleanmgr+ as Administartor" (Main/Hamburger menu > Restart as Administrator)

- Optimized calculation of "space to gain" in Scripting engine (15-30% faster processing)

- Revised and purified several internal functions

- Removed cleanup "Previous Windows Installations" (Cleaning up Windows.old too early could break Windows 10 and after discussion with several Users and Microsoft this option has been removed now)

- Added initial cleanup for the new Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser (Script)

- Optimized cleanup of Windows Recylce Bin

- Optimized Update function

- Numerous minor UI Improvements

- Numerous minor bug fixes

Please also use ONLY the latest windata.ini (in \bin\ directory) shipped with this Version of Cleanmgr+. Th windata.ini from older versions is NOT compatible with v1.1 of Cleanmgr+


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.4.284

- Added option to change report and "view all files" which are going to be deleted in "+more" tab (right click Status window > View all files)

- Optimized Preview of "Windows Component Store" (using Windows command-line utility dism)

- Fixed some bugs in calculation of "space to gain" in "+more" tab

- Optimized cleanup routine of scripting engine

- Optimized and purified some functions and source code

- Removed setting to hide Storage window

- Optimized cleanup of Windows Defender, Windows Update Logs

- Revised Versioning system

- Numerous UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.249

- Added theme function (through ui.ini in \bin\ directory of Cleanmgr+. The "ui.ini" can be altered, modified and distributed. Themes can be changed in realtime in Settings window)

- Added function to calculate the "space to gain" in "+more/Scripts" tab (this is optional and the space is automatically calculated after hitting the "+more" tab)

- Optimized clean-up of Previous Windows Installations (Windows.old)

- Fixed several UI bugs


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.3.234

- Added initial support for Windows 10 19H1

- Redesigned UI of top and footer menu

- Added support for Windows Font Cache (via Script to "+more" tab)

- Optimized descriptions of script items in "+more" tab

- Numerous minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.2.204

- Minor Code optimizations due to false positives with Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows 10 (i.a., Removed option to disable/enable Windows 10 Storage Sense "Monitoring/automatically free up space" functionalty)


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.2.200

- Optimized Preview of "space to gain" (you can now also double click on Item to get a Preview)

- Fixed bug in recursive Preview of files in Windows Update Cleanup (Disk Cleanup data set)

- Added auto. switching to tabs "Disk Cleanup" and "+more" when processing (Cleanup and Preview)

- Optimized support for Windows Icon cache (better refresh of Icon cache)

- Added option to enable/disable auto. Storage sense Monitoring (Hamburger/main menu > Storage sense)

- Added text file (\bin\#rules.txt) for information purposes about the Scripting engine

- Redesigned entries in Hamburger menu

- Numerous minor bug fixes

- Numerous minor UI Improvements

- Minor Stability improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.1.179

- Added support for "System Activation License" (Cleanup Windows product key from registry to prevent being stolen or uninstall it completely if you want to use the product key to activate Windows on another PC)

- Updated German data set with support for "System Activation License"

- Fixed critical bug in execution of Custom jobs (jobs were not executed in some cases)

- Fixed bug in calculation of Temp files and size (Windows\Temp) directory and User Temp (LocalAppData\Temp) directory

- Revised some naming of "Preview/not found etc." in "space to gain" function

- Optimized Preview od DNS Cache, Compress System Installation (bypass Command prompt and directly displayed in Cleanmgr+ Status window)

- Revised Description sets provided in "+more/Scripts" tab (ONLY Description is showed. Author Details can be found in the Footer menu > Info)

- Minor UI Improvements

February 25/2019

Cleanmgr+ v1.0.1.161

- Added "Refresh" button to navigation in main meu (performs a refresh of free storage space and space that will be gained and resets all logs. Its like a restart of Cleanmgr+

- Optimized Overview "Space to gain" (just click on the link next to the caption "gain" to get an overview of used space)

- Added "Show System Info" feature to main/hamburger menu)

- Optimized Preview function in Disk Cleanup (Recursive Preview was not available for all Disk Cleanup data sets)

- Optimized Windows Update Cleanup (more thorough cleanup if administrative rights available)

- Optimized "gained" space overview

- Optimized support for Opera Cache (Script)

- Renamed Process name "Windows Disk Cleanup" > "Cleanmgr+"

- Fixed bug in "Check installed scripts" function (In some cases, it could lead to crash of Cleanmgr+)

- Fixed minor rounding (to MB) bug

- Optimized display of Versioning information

- Minor spelling corrections

- Numerous minor UI Improvements

February 20/2019

Cleanmgr+ v1.0.1.144

- Added support for Hibernation file in Disk Cleanup data set (Space calculation for this data set is disabled by default as long as the data set is unchecked)

- Added support for Windows 10 OS Compression/Uncompression in Disk Cleanup data set

- Optimized support System Error Memory Dump Files

- Optimized support for Temporary Files

- Optimized ItemCheck events

- Minor UI Improvements

- Minor bug fixes


CloneApp v2.11.444

- Optimized Backup and Restore function (15% faster processing)

- Optimized Preview function (60% faster processing)

- Several minor internal bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.0.121

- Fixed bug in retrieving SystemDrive for getting snapshot of total and free disk size. (If Cleanmgr+, i.e has been started from a network drive, the app did not make a snapshot from the SystemDrive but rather from the started network drive)

- Added advanced clean-up option to "Windows Component Store" data set

- Fixed bug in translation of Data set "Windows Update clean-up"

- Fixed minor bug in clean-up of UserTemp directory

- Fixed bug in clean-up of Windows Downloads directory (optional Script). If enabled the Downloads directory including files has been deleted. This has been fixed and ONLY content is deleted, without selfremoval of directory itself. In this context a bug has been fixed, when calculating the directory size in Scripts engine with wildcards in commands.

- Revised Warning Message in optional Script engine. MessageBox will popup, when "Warning" is declared in the Script.

- Optimized Description of Disk Cleanup Data set "Clipboard"

- Optimized Description of Disk Cleanup Data set "Internet History"

- Minor UI Improvements


Cleanmgr+ v1.0.0 (Stable)

- Numerous stability improvements

- Revised initialization of Disk Cleanup data set (the data set itself is loaded from windata.ini from the \bin\ directory. Localization support is guaranteed. If you want to translate, please give feedback)

- Added cleanup recommendations for the Disk cleanup data sets

- Added clean-up for Windows Component Store (WinSxS folder)

- Added clean-up for Windows Remote Desktop Cache (Script)

- Added clean-up for Microsoft Edge Cache (Script)

- Optimized clean-up of Windows Update files

- Optimized calculation of disk space that will be gained after a clean-up

- Revised clean-up option "Old Prefetch data" > "Prefetch Data" (If enabled all Prefetch files will be cleaned up. Please read therefore the recommendation in the description)

- Optimized Custom clean-up function (mycleaner.txt has been moved to > winapp.ini)

- Removed "Import" button in left navigation panel (Option can be also found under "+" next to the main menu)

- Added build information to versioning (available in Settings window > Info)

- Fixed critical bug in Update check function

- Numerous minor UI Improvements

- Minor Spelling corrections

- Several minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v0.9.0 RC3

- Numerous stability improvements

- Optimized start-up routine

- Added clean-up for DNS Cache

- Added clean-up for Print Queue

- Optimized clean-up of Windows Update files

- Optimized clean-up of Delivery Optimization files (fixed bug in restarting process dosvc)

- Revised preview function and the total amount of disk space that will be gained (ONLY disk space is showed as in the classic Microsoft Disk Cleanup. To view the full details including files, click on the caption of the "gained" space

- Optimized clean-up of custom data sets (mycleaner.txt)

- Optimized function how Cleanmgr+ handles (stops and resumes) Windows services. The cleanup of certain areas, i.e. Windows Update requires this

- Optimized context menu of "+more" tab

- Fixed several UI bugs in Settings window

- Added link to open storage sense > hamburger/main menu

- Several Description corrections (bottom area and explanation of the data sets)

- Several spelling corrections

- Several minor bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v0.8.2 RC2

- Fixed critical bug when calculating the size of Previous Windows Installations (windows.old folder ~20 GB). This process greatly slowed down the Cleanmrg+ loading process and is skipped now by default (during start of Cleanmgr+)

- Optimized Preview function and calculation of files in subfolders. The Scripting engine ONLY includes root folders

- Added Back "<" button to Settings window

- Fixed numerous minor bugs


Cleanmgr+ v0.8.0 RC2

- Added summary of space that could be gained to storage window (top area of the app)

- Added support for Custom Items (files, directories, registry keys can be cleaned up simply by putting items to mycleaner.txt in \bin\ directory of Cleanmgr+ (or just use "+" button right to the main menu of the app)

- Optimized main tabs layout "Disk Cleanup" and "+ more"

- Added new menu "+" (for including custom items) to top area next to the hamburger/main menu

- Optimized file detection in recycle bin > 2 TB

- Optimized command-line support (added option \tuneup for cleaning custom items)

- Optimized context-menus

- Optimized logging output

- Numerous UI Improvements

- Fixed numerous minor bugs


Cleanmgr+ v0.7.0 RC1

- Redesigned UI (New main menu and optimized layout)

- Optimized memory usage

- Optimized Preview function

- Added command-line support

- Added update check function

- Optimized Scripting/Custom cleaner engine

- Optimized function for retrieving snpashot of free space and disk size

- Optimized logging function

- Optimized clean-up of temp files

- Fixed numerous internal bugs inlcuding spelling corrections

- Fixed numerous UI bugs


Cleanmgr+ v0.4.5 Beta

- Optimized startup routine (better memory usage)

- Added information window about the storage space (Settings > Show Storage window. This option is enabled by default)

- Added information to Preview function about the storage space that each of the data sets occupies

- Added option to open containg folder (double click on location entry, e.g. C:\Windows\Temp in Status window)

- Optimized clean-up of Windows Item Temporary Files

- Optimized clean-up of Windows Item Thumbnails

- Optimized clean-up of Script Windows Log files

- Added support for Windows Installer Cache (Script)

- Optimized Log output

- Several UI optimizations

- Revised versioning information and Info window

- Several Spelling corrections

- Several bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ v0.4.0 Beta

- Optimized Preview algorithm. 80% faster scanning

- Optimized Script Cleaner. Added support for Recursive Scan (for usage take a look into Windows Logs Script)

- Optimized cleaning of %temp% dir. Directory is cleaned up recursively without selfremoval

- Several UI optimizations

- Several Spelling corrections

- Several bug fixes


Cleanmgr+ Early Beta Versions

- Release of Beta 0.3.0 on 04. February 2019

- Release of Beta 0.2.0 on 01. February 2019

- Release of Beta 0.1.0 on 30. January 2019

- First released Beta version was 0.0.5 on 29 January 2019


CloneApp v2.10.421

- Added support for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18309

- Added support for Windows Store/Modern UI Apps (download the standalone app CloneApp UA)

- Several internal code optimizations

- Several UI optimizations

- Added support for VeraCrypt, Web Browser Passwords (using third party tool NirSoft WebBrowserPassView), Wireless Network Keys (using third party tool NirSoft Wireless key View), Windows Network Credentials (using third party tool NirSoft NetPass), Windows Taskbar

- Several minor bug fixes


CloneApp v2.09.399

- Optimized support for Windows 10 version 1809

- CloneApp gets a new Projects website - (redirect and referrer data in code has been revised)

- Optimized support for external Plug-ins "Installed Software" and "Product keys" (Installed Software is detected by Nirsoft UninstallView which has replaced the old Nirsoft MyUninstaller). Both Plug-ins exports its Data to a Text and now also to a HTML file (Horizontal)

You can use the new Add-on S for CloneApp to download external/Third-Party Apps and tools, e.g. Nirsoft ProducKey to extend the backup capabilities of CloneApp

- Optimized support for Windows MediaPlayer


CloneApp v2.08.358

- Fixed critical bug in command-line switch /CB and /CR (Backup to custom Output directory and Restore from Custom Ouput directory). In most cases the command-line switch has not been run.

- Fixed critical UI bug in quitting Plug-in Edit mode with hot key

- Updated Documentation (comprehensive update)


CloneApp v2.08.338

- Program Icon file is loaded dynamically from Data folder of CloneApp. The .EXE file itself weighs ~ 600kB less In this context, a issue has been fixed that caused on some system constellations (particular Windows 7 environments. The System finds a problem for which it has no error message, it simply says "Application has stopped working") that CloneApp could not start.


CloneApp v2.07.317

- Added new feature to Reset application settings, files and data specific to the application to factory defaults. If enabled (right-click on Apps window > Reset), a new context menu will appear which allows you to Delete (right-click again on Apps window > Delete) application configurations (ONLY for selected App).

- Added new feature to create a new and predefined Plug-in file (Hamburger/main menu > New > Plug-in)

- Added new commands DeleteFile, DeleteFolder, DeleteRegKey (for more Information about these commands, please look into the documentation)

- Optimized Plug-ins state saving routine. The function saves and closes the application faster. Plug-ins values are now also saved to the cloneapp.ini (the plug-ins.ini does not exists anymore)

- Fixed bug in Editing Plug-ins and the function "Save as new Plug-in" (added auto. refresh and import to Plug-ins/Apps list)

- Fixed bug in Theme customization

- Optimized UI of Left Navmenu, Hamburger menu and Info window

- Minor UI Improvements

- Minor internal Code Improvements


CloneApp v2.06.277

- Fixed bug in Localization import

- Fixed bug in Theme customization

- Redesigned Hamburger menu

- Optimized Refresh function in Apps > Right-click context menu

- Optimized support for Microsoft Edge

- Removed Yahoo Messenger support

- Updated German and Italian Localization file

- Added Dutch Localization file

- Minor Stability Improvements

- Minor UI Improvements


CloneApp v2.05.266

- Fixed Bug in BackupFile64 command (in Preview Mode directories were also showed)

- Added "Refresh" options to Apps list to reload Installed Plug-ins

- Optimized UI layout of Hamburger menu

- Optimized UI and extended Customizations options (Settings > Edit Interface)


CloneApp v2.05.255

- Optimized Apps Restore function (added more efficient function to create directories with multiple new parent directories in the specified path)

- Function for wildcard support in "BackupFolder" command is again enabled. Format "Folder*", e.g. BackupFolder=Version2018.*|Version2018 (supports wildcards). It supports also phrases in format "*Folder*, e.g. BackupFolder=*Version*|Version and also files.

- Optimized "BackupFile" command (Added support for all file types with same filename, e.g. BackupFile=Config.* (This could be a .TXT, .INI etc. file). All file types would be backed up.

- Revised Theme customizations from rgb color to hex colors (in format "12BAFE"). THE CURRENT THEME FILES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF CLONEAPP. PLEASE DELETE THE THEME.INI IN DATA FOLDER OF CLONEAPP OR DISABLE THE THEME. Updated Versions of the Theme files will be released shortly.

- Optimized internal Plug-in $AppEditor$

- Optimized Creation of Personal Apps folder

- Optimized support for AdwCleaner, GIMP, Dropbox

- Improved UI controls of settings window

- Updated Documentation

- Minor bug fixes


CloneApp v2.04.225

- Fixed critical bug in Apps Restore function


CloneApp v2.04.222

- Optimized Theme Import function (Realtime Import, there is no need to restart CloneApp!)

- Fixed critical bug in Theme Import function, which could lead to a App Crash on Windows 7 (x86 und x64) Systems

- Added Wildcard support for BackupFolder Command (Folder*, e.g. BackupFolder=Version2018.*|Version2018)

- Added function to Settings menu to customize and override CloneApp UI and advanced options (Theme files for CloneApp can be found here - -)

- Fixed critical Bug in Update check function (Newer Updates > Version 2.03.200 will not be showed as available on some Systems)

- Changed Localizations items (Removed: mnuEditTheme | Added: lblAdvanced; lblOptionsOverride; lblOptionsOverrideClose)

- Several minor UI improvements

- Several minor Bug fixes


CloneApp v2.03.203

- Several minor Bug fixes


CloneApp v2.03.200

- Several Stability and UI improvements

- Several Plug-ins optimizations

- New Projects website www.myClone.App


CloneApp v2.02.182

- Several minor Stability, UI improvements and Bug fixes

- Optimized support for qBittorent


CloneApp v2.02.177

- Added confirmation dialog whether a Backup should be performed

- Fixed critical Bug in Import of custom Themes (in some cases a disabled Hamburger menu could lead to a crash of CloneApp)

- Optimized Theme customizations function (the "Options" section in theme.ini overrides CloneApp options, also if the theme Status is disabled)

- Redesigned Info window

- Added support for Free Download Manager 5

- Optimized support for Windows Local Group Policy

- Optimized Update check function

- Optimized UI of left Navigation panel incl. Hamburger menu

- Several minor spelling improvements

- Several UI Improvements

- Minor bug fixes


CloneApp v2.01.155

- Fixed critical Bug in saving Configuration settings function

- Fixed Bug in Importing custom Theme files


CloneApp v2.01.151

- Redesigned Context-menu of Hamburger menu

- Optimized UI of Hamburger menu

- Optimized UI of Navigation panel

- Optimized UI of Statusbar

- Optimized Plug-in Detection function

- Added support for SyncBackFree

- Optimized support for IrfanView x64-bit

- Optimized support for several other Plug-ins

- Updated Documentation

- Optimized Theme customization

- Several minor UI Improvements

- Several minor spelling improvements

- Minor Bug fixes


CloneApp v2.00.134

- Optimized Program Icon

- Optimized Rules for running external Apps/Plug-ins. The command "ExternalPlug" has been changed to "PlugEx".

- Optimized UI of Hamburger menu and left Navigation panel

- Optimized Restoration function (searches for a recent backup) and added confirmation dialog whether a Restoration should be started.

- Optimized Theme customization

- Added new External Plug-in "Installed Software" (Nirsoft Utility MyUinstaller)

- Optimized External Plug-in "Product keys"

- Optimized support for Maxthon Cloud Browser

- Optimized UI of About window

- Updated Documentation to v2.xx

- Several minor Bug fixes

- Several minor UI Improvements


CloneApp v2.00.122

- Fixed a critial bug in the Plug-in version information module (Version informations were not displayed)

- Optimized Plug-in Import function (If the My Apps folder is enabled, Plug-ins will be automatically imported by default to this directory)

- Optimized UI of left Navigation panel (cleaner fonts/size)

- Fixed critical bug in the plug-in rules RunCommand and ExternalPlug (In some cases the commands were not executed)

- Fixed critical bug in Import of theme files (if none theme file was selected, CloneApp has crashed)

- Added real time refreshing of Plug-in informations after updates with the internal Plug-in editor

- Several UI/Resize Improvements in the Plug-in information module

- Fixed bug in theme customizations (RGB values for hamburger menu were not correctly set)

- Updated support for JDownloader 2.0, Smart Defrag 5, Everything, WinMerge

- Added donation link to the hamburger/main menu

- Several mimor bug fixes


CloneApp v2.00.100 - Final

- Complete new ui resign (minimalistic, structured and clean. Works without any graphics and fits to the Windows 10 modern ui)

- Lean and faster code (40 % faster initialization compared to the first edition of CloneApp, less memory usage)

- Slimmed .EXE up to 30% (Without .ico file CloneApp weighs 450kb. Some not so poluar features like the Custom apps section where removed for now)

- New Desktop icon file (clear up to 256x256 px)

- Several plug-ins have been optimized and cleaned up (these are still downwardly compatible to the first edition of CloneApp)

- Added theme customizations (based on theme.ini in Data folder of CloneApp)

- Optimized Windows 10 support (better code and suitable ui)

- Optimized interal Plug-in editor

- Optimized Preview/Detection mode

- Optimized Restoration function

- Added optiomized German localization file (In addition to the English language file, this is also officially supported.)

- Several minor code optimizations

- Several runtime improvements

- Several minor spelling optimizations

- Several minor bug fixes

Other languages