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    CloneApp UA is a small portable program that allows you to take a backup of the installed Modern UI apps data.
    UA stands in this case for Universal Apps, the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps or truly modern universal apps.

    It does not support legacy Win32 programs. Therefore please use the original CloneApp for Desktop.

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    I've just released the small Extension Add-ons S for CloneApp which allows you to download and install the latest external Plug-ins to extend the backup capabilities of CloneApp. 

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    CloneApp has built in addition to its backup function another useful feature.

    It allows you also to reset application settings and configurations. This feature has been added with Version 2.07 of CloneApp.

    You can reset an application and force it to reprocess its data from scratch by using the CloneApp's reset function. This can be useful when fixing bugs (program won't start) and to exclude possible error sources of a faulty configuration. But also for development and testig.

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