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I'm pleased to announce a major step forward and the new v1.2 of Cleanmgr+ (Codename Binasa).

This release adds support for BranchCache, User File History, several new Scripts and updated cleanup engines.

Changelog: (compiled at June/04/2019)

  • Added support for BranchCache (BranchCache service is disabled by default on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Clients)
  • Optimized Space to gain function in +more tab/Scripting engine (faster calculation which fixes also bug in recursive calculation)
  • Added support for User File History (on Windows 8/8.1/10)
  • Revised Theme function (tab color can also be changed)
  • Added support for Google Chrome History (Script, shipped by default), Mozilla Firefox History (Script), Windows Shadow Copies (Script). Optional Script files can be found here
  • Optimized support for Mozilla Firefox Cache (Script)
  • Optimized log output
  • Fitted UI of description field (thanks to community for the note)
  • Updated Scripting engine to v0.6.4
  • Numerous minor UI Improvements
  • Numerous minor bug fixes

The German edition is only compatible with the latest German data set, which can be downloaded here.
Please DO NOT use the windata.ini from previous versions!

I pushed Cleanmgr+ also on GitHub. The Code is closed source, but you can collaborate and contribute i.e., custom script files, localizations, report issues or maintain a documentation.

All Release notes can be viewed here.


Download Cleanmgr+ v1.2 (Latest version)

Download Cleanmgr+ Scripts | More Scripts on GitHub

Download Cleanmgr+ old versions

More Infos about Cleanmgr+

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