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I just released the new 1.1.2 of Cleanmgr+.

This release brings an updated Scripting engine and fixes several minor bugs regarding the Disk cleanup data set

Changelog: (compiled at April/10/2019)

    • Fixed bug in updating Status in Disk Cleanup data set (cleaned-up item has not been selected and were active during cleanup)
    • Fixed bug in logging cleanup of Windows Temp directory
    • Fixed bug in Script detection routine
    • Updated Scripting engine to 0.6.2 (Added "calc" command, to calculate optionaly the directory size in Preview Mode)
    • Optimized support for Windows Event Viewer Logs
    • Moved Info section from Settings window > Hamburger/Main menu > Info
    • Minor UI Improvements
    • Minor bug fixes

New Downloads category has been opened for providing additional community cleanup scripts. These can be found here.

The first Script is also available. After removing the cleanup of Previous Windows Installations in v1.1.0.400 of Cleanmgr+, I've provided an optional script based upon the guide on for removing the Windows.old folder manually.

All Release notes can be viewed here.


Download Cleanmgr+ v1.1.2 (Latest version)

Download Cleanmgr+ Scripts

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