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I've just release Cleanmgr+ 1.1.1 where several aftermath of the major upgrade to 1.1.0 were fixed.

This release introduces also several new features to the engine.

Changelog: (compiled at April/10/2019)

  • Optimized startup routine
  • Added function to detect running processes (i.e., Web Browser) and prompt user before cleanup
  • Fixed bug in Preview of "System Hibernation file" (bug was ONLY in v1.1 an not 1.0.4 present)
  • Fixed bug in Preview of "System Archived Windows Error Reporting" (bug was ONLY in v1.1 an not 1.0.4 present)
  • Added Space to gain info next to the tab caption "+ more" (inlcuding an option to recalculate the space to gain manually by clicking on the "+" menu > Refresh used space)
  • Added new option to "Run Auto Preview in +more" (Auto Preview in +more tab can be disabled)
  • Optimized cleanup of "Recent Documents"
  • Added initial support for Edge Chromium Beta and Canary builds
  • Added support for Windows Event Viewer Logs (Script)
  • Updated Scripting engine to 0.6.1 (Added "SHOWCLI" Parameter to "Exec" command, for optional showing a command-line interface/CLI during execution)
  • Minor UI Improvements

All Release notes can be viewed here.


Download Cleanmgr+ v1.1.1 (Latest version)

Download Cleanmgr+ (Old versions)

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