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I'm pleased to announce the latest release of Cleanmgr+.

This release brings a brand new report feature and major optimizations for the scripting engine.

Changelog: (compiled at March/23/2019)

  • Added option to change report and "view all files" which are going to be deleted in "+more" tab (right click Status window > View all files)
  • Optimized Preview of "Windows Component Store" (using Windows command-line utility dism)
  • Fixed some bugs in calculation of "space to gain" in "+more" tab
  • Optimized cleanup routine of scripting engine
  • Optimized and purified some functions and source code
  • Removed setting to hide Storage window
  • Optimized cleanup of Windows Defender, Windows Update Logs
  • Revised Versioning system
  • Numerous UI Improvements

All Release notes can be viewed here.


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