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I just released the new Version 2.08 of CloneApp.

This release improves the stability of CloneApp on particular Windows 7 and several Windows 10 Enviroments.


Changelog: Build 358 (compiled at December/23/2018)

  • Fixed critical bug in command-line switch /CB and /CR (Backup to custom Output directory and Restore from Custom Ouput directory).
    In most cases the command-line switch has not been run.
  • Fixed critical UI bug in quitting Plug-in Edit mode with <ESC> hot key
  • Updated Documentation (comprehensive update)

Changelog: Build 338 (compiled at December/15/2018)

  • Program Icon file is loaded dynamically from Data folder of CloneApp. The .EXE file itself weighs ~ 600kB less
    In this context, a issue has been fixed that caused on some system constellations (particular Windows 7 environments. The System finds a problem for which it has no error message, it simply says "Application has stopped working") that CloneApp could not start.

All Release notes can be viewed here.

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