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CloneApp 2.07 (Build 317)

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I'm pleased to announce the latest release of CloneApp.

This release of CloneApp gets a major Update with several new features, such as the ability to Reset application settings and configurations.

Find the full list of new features below.

Changelog: (compiled at December 04/2018)

  • Reset application settings, files and data specific to the application to factory defaults.
    If enabled (right-click on Apps window > Reset), a new context menu will appear which allows you to Delete (right-click again on Apps window > Delete) application configurations.
  • Create new and predefined Plug-in files (Hamburger/main menu > New > Plug-in)
  • New commands are available DeleteFile, DeleteFolder, DeleteRegKey (for more Information about these commands, please look into the Documentation)
  • Optimized Plug-ins state saving routine. The function saves and closes the application faster. Plug-ins values are now also saved to the cloneapp.ini (the plug-ins.ini does not exists anymore)
  • Fixed bug in Editing Plug-ins and the function "Save as new Plug-in" (added auto. refresh and import to Plug-ins/Apps list)
  • Fixed bug in Theme customization
  • Optimized UI of Left Navmenu, Hamburger menu and Info window
  • Minor UI Improvements
  • Minor internal Code Improvements

All Release notes can be viewed here.

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